After a moderate amount of angst over how to start writing again after years of rust, I decided to skip the preamble and small talk in favor of generating content. Basically, I told myself: “Shut up and start writing.”

So, hello world and whatever it is kids say these days (hint: they’re probably not saying hello world). My current goal is to start writing, so there may be a fair amount of rambling. I will make no promises about the content, but this “little web log that could” will probably cover one or more of the following topics:

  • tech
  • music
  • podcasts
  • lists
  • personal projects
  • cats

Thank you for joining me on this little adventure!

Also thank you dbyll by dbtek. Open sourced under MIT license. This was a quick, easy, and beautiful theme for Jekyll, and made the path to launching much easier than anticipated.